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Volunteering is the giving of time and energy. It is a choice undertaken of one's own free will.

The benefits of volunteering:

  • Make a difference in someone's life

  • Use your life experience to help others

  • Gain work experience

  • Make friends, develop your personal skills

  • Enhance your CV

There are many roles that may be of interest to you. Become an advocate or voice for people using our service. Help us to develop the skills of our staff by becoming involved in our training programme. Share your time with our service users and help people maintain their links with the community. Be part of our development groups on behalf of our clients.

We are looking for people of all ages and backgrounds and are always open to new ideas.

If you think that volunteering would make a difference in your life, then please get in touch by sending us an introductory email to . We look forward to hearing from you.

About Inclusion Scotland (IS)

Social Care Alba is a member of Inclusion Scotland (IS). Inclusion Scotland is a consortium of disability organisations, individual disabled people and social partners with shared aims. Together we work towards eradicating the barriers - physical, economic, cultural and attitudinal - which prevent disabled people being fully included in society.

This is an extract from Inclusion Scotland's website. IS was founded in 2001, as a direct response to calls from the grass roots of the disability movement for a new national organisation, which would give us a voice strong enough to be heard by policy makers. It is run by disabled people themselves for, as we have the experience of disability, we are best placed to speak out on the issues that are important to us and affect our daily lives. Already over 60 disability groups from throughout Scotland have joined in partnership with us.

Our role is to enable meaningful communication and consultation between disabled people in Scotland and policy makers at local and national government levels and with bodies such as the NHS, all of whose decisions and policies can profoundly affect us. We want to reverse, through civil dialogue, partnerships, capacity building, education, persuasion, training and advocacy, the current social exclusion experienced by disabled people.

In IS we share the ethos of the social model of disability as opposed to the medical model, which expects disabled people to regard their impairment as their problem and adapt to fit into the world as it is. The social model of disability, however, recognises everyone as equal and looks beyond a person's impairment at all the relevant factors including the barriers that affect their ability to be a full and equal participant in society.

To find out more about Inclusion Scotland and how they may help you please click


Getting involved has never been so easy.

Our local team meetings are specially designed for staff, service users and relatives. They run regularly and you can find out when your next meeting us by contacting the office. If you are interested in sharing your ideas then participating in one of our projects may just be what you are looking for. We run a number of projects throughout the year, this years projects are listed below. If you are interested in contributing to one of the projects then we would love to hear from you.


  • Review of our Annual Training Plan 2015 - 16
  • Independent company wide Investors in People Review
  • Redesign of the Induction programme
  • Redesign of the Appraisal process
  • Review of the staff supervision process
  • Review of the Service Users Review and Quality Audit process
  • Review of the company Administration systems
  • Evaluation of new training provision
  • Review of the recruitment system (inc Job Descriptions & Person Specifications)


  • Taggisar trial 2016
  • Lively Trial 2016 - 2017
  • Wearable Technology 2016 - 2019
  • Beacons 2016
  • Communication Project 2015 - 2017
  • Healthy Working Lives Project 2015
  • Recruitment and Retention Project
  • Service Users Health and Wellbeing Project
  • Training and Development Project 2015
  • Special Recognition Award (Every Quarter)
  • Newsletter (Every Quarter)


  • Particpation Strategy 2017 - 2019
  • Review of our Annual Training Plan 2016 - 2017
  • Robotics and Dementia 2017 - 2019
  • Social Robotics 2017 - 2018
Participation Strategy